Specialty Projects

Eglin AFB, Florida
300 Foot Tower and 3-Floor Laboratory

HHB served as the Prime A/E and was responsible for all aspects of the design with the exception of the 300-foot tower and exterior shell of the 3-floor laboratory. Critical features of the design consisted of humid area and corrosion resistant considerations, withstanding hurricane force winds with minimal deflection (+/- ¾” @ 60 mph) and tidal flooding (the purpose for the raised utility platform & building) and special lightning protection and dissipation design and considerations. The Tower is utilized as a test platform for missile seeker heads.

Special Facilities & Components

  • Architectural Features for the Raised Floor Laboratory Spaces
  • Architectural/Structural/MPE for the Elevated Utility Structure
  • Power Systems dominated by Harmonic Loads
  • HVAC for the Raised Floor Laboratory Spaces & POD Dome
  • Fire Protection (Fire Pump) & Fire Alarm & Detection Systems
  • Lightning Dissipation Systems
  • Special Interior Lighting Systems
  • Special Exterior Lighting Systems Environmentally Friendly to Sea Turtle Nesting
  • High Rise Special Features including Fire Alarm & Detection and Fire Suppression
  • Antiterrorism/Force Protection (AT/FP)
  • Infrastructure
  • Primary Power Distribution/Transformation/Services
  • Back-Up Power Generation Plant
  • Water
  • On Site Sewage Disposal