Elmore Community Hospital

Wetumpka, AL
Cooling Plant Upgrades

HHB Engineers were the Prime AE consultants for the cooling plant upgrade project at Elmore Community Hospital in Wetumpka, AL.

Scope:  The existing cooling plant consisted of a 75-ton water cooled chiller and cooling tower, and a separate 120-ton chiller and cooling tower and associated chiller and condenser pumps.  The project was to replace the entire plant including the primary chilled water pumps, condenser pumps, chillers, towers and piping within the mechanical room, and maximize capacity and redundancy.   Phase 1 included replacement of the smaller chiller with a 120-ton screw chiller and new cooling tower, and condenser pumps.  A 100-ton air cooled trailer mounted temporary chiller was required to supplement the load during Phase 1 work.  Phase 1 was completed in summer of 2015.  Phase 2, with projected completion in spring of 2016, includes replacement of the 2nd chiller and tower, all the primary chilled water pumps, and the remaining piping and condenser pump.  The two chillers and towers (and associated pumps) are in parallel to provide backup to one another, unlike the previous system.   DDC controls were upgraded for the cooling plant.  Excavation was required for the new cooling tower equipment yard.  Fast-track design and construction project.

Total Cost: $655,000 (excluding rental chiller)