Auburn, AL
Gilmer Turnham Lab Renovations

HHB Engineers, P.C. served as the Prime AE and was responsible for all aspects of the new and upgrade of existing Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning (HVAC) system, electrical systems, fire detection & alarm systems, plumbing and fire protection systems. The project consisted of multiple phases.

Scope: The work, designed by Subcontract Professionals, included providing a new standing metal seam roof over an existing mechanical/electrical penthouse, a new exterior skin for the penthouse, and roofing work to an existing modified bitumen roof to accommodate new mechanical roof penetrations. Included was mold remediation required to protect the building occupants.

The Mechanical design work, and associated Electrical support design, included new chilled water (160 tons) and hot water (2,000 mbh) HVAC plants, as well as the installation of new owner furnished by-pass fume hoods.

The second phase of the work consisted of new high plume dilution type laboratory exhaust fan on the roof, with new ductwork on the roof to the owner furnished fume hoods.

Project Cost: $1.0 Mil