Montgomery, AL
HVAC Upgrade, ALFA Main Office Building

HHB Engineers is the Mechanical Engineers for the HVAC Upgrades project.  HHB provided energy modeling for recommended options provided by HHB to ALFA, budgets and programming for the $3.2 million upgrade to the air handling units, boiler plant and chiller plant.  Building is the main headquarters for the Alabama Farmers Federation and ALFA Insurance and is occupied during weekday work hours. Challenges included requirement that all systems must be functioning and available during the normal work hours.  Design addressed this requirement with both newly created mechanical rooms (from previous storage) and roof mounted air handling units. Total of 15 air handling units (majority constant volume multi-zone) were replaced and consolidated into 12 new variable volume systems. Boiler plant scope of work included consolidation of 1955 steam and 1980 hot water plants into a new high efficiency variable flow condensing boiler plant. Three 350-ton screw compressor chillers were replaced with high efficiency centrifugal type. Pneumatic based temperature controls replaced with a DDC based building automation with system graphics and alarms. To accommodate the detailed phasing requirements,  construction activities including new ductwork, VAV boxes, and piping work primarily occurred during weekday evening shifts (6:00PM through 5: AM) and weekends.  All major air handling unit replacements and change-overs occurred during weekends.

Total project: $3.2 Million

Completion expected in spring of 2016.