Southern Union State Community College

Wadley, AL
New Dining Facility, Wadley Campus

This project is a new 16,000 sf dining facility to serve the dining needs of the entire Wadley campus. HHB Engineers serves as the Mechanical Enineers for the project, to include the HVAC, plumbing, and fire suppression systems for the building. The HVAC system consists of an 80-ton air cooled chiller with heat recovery for pre-heating domestic water, as well as a high efficiency condensing boiler for building heat. Air is distributed by a central air handling unit with VAV boxes. The systems are tied into the campus-wide EMS. Mr. Sherer also designed the commercial kitchen, which consists of a grease hood and make-up air unit, UDS, grease trap and grease waste piping, natural gas piping, and all of the other plumbing systems. The building is protected by a wet-pipe fire suppression system.

Construction is anticpated to be completed in 2017.

Mechanical cost (including adjacent field house) = $1.3M.