Elmore Community Hospital

New Surgical Suite

Scope:  The project includes a renovation to 5,800 square feet of existing single story dining and patient rooms and an addition of 1,700 square feet to accommodate a new Operating Room Suite.  The addition consists of a new Mechanical room and two new Operating Rooms.  The Endoscopy room, pre-op and post-op patient care areas, surgical support area, waiting room, and administration rooms will be located in the renovated portion of the building.

The building fire suppression system was recently updated, and will be extended into the new addition, with piping and sprinkler heads moved and modified as needed in the renovated area.  Piping mains are reused to the greatest extent possible.

The medical gases consists of medical air, vacuum, O2, N2 and nitrous oxide.  The medical air, N2 and nitrous oxide are provided by a new cylinder manifold system located in the renovated portion of the project. Building vacuum and O2 is extended to the new Operating Suite.  A new vacuum pump is provided to replace the aging vacuum pump for the Hospital.

The mechanical system consists of two new variable air volume air handlers with single duct VAV boxes and hydronic heating to condition the Operating Suite.  The Surgical Suite (Operating Rooms, Endoscopy, and surgical support area) is served by an Air Handler, with the pre-op, post-op patient care areas served by the second Air Handler.  The existing chilled and hot water pumps serving this area of the building are replaced with new, with existing building chillers and boilers reused.   Air distribution in the operating rooms is provided through a four-sided air curtain, creating an air barrier isolating the procedure area.  Laminar flow diffusers over the procedure table supplement air distribution.

The waiting area and administration offices are conditioned with a new rooftop packaged heat pump unit with supplemental electric heat.

A majority of the demolition work required to the renovated space is provided outside the scope of this project.

HHB Engineers, P.C. served as the Mechanical, Plumbing and Fire Protection Engineering consultants.