Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida

Homestead, Florida
Repair Approach Runway Lights 05 End

Type: Full Design

HHB served as the Prime A/E for the Full Design HHB Served as the Prime A/E under IDIQ Contract W91278-04-D-0031 TO 021 for a Full Design of project W91278-06-R-0096   The project is a follow up to a major runway lighting upgrade, the major system components were in place and the approach lighting system fixtures, wiring and various duct systems were replaced with new.


Construction phasing was required due to the operations of the airfield. In general the phasing as follows:

Construct all new duct banks, manholes, hand-holes and pull new cable systems.

Splice new and existing conductors in parallel.

Disconnect and begin work on each station location one at a time until each is replaced in full, removing old system cable and fixtures and replacing with new.