Homestead Air Reserve Base, Florida

Homestead, Florida
Repair Flood Control System Building 875

Type: Full Design, Completed 2011

Scope: Replace, repair and/or refurbish the Facility 875 pump house structures and flood control systems, including engines, pumps, gates, structures and supporting infrastructure. Provide new limited automation, back-up power and fire protection systems. HHB served as the Prime A/E under IDIQ Contract W91278-04-D-0031 TO 019 for a Full Design for this project.

HHB served as the Prime A/E for the full design of project W91278-08-C-0065.  Design included the following features:

  1. Rigid environment constraints including lack of visual access to flood control intake gates and associated debris grates. Use of underwater filming utilized to allow “inspection” if steel supports and piping connections. During construction, contractor allowed to install coffer dams than did not penetrate existing protection barrier.  After exposure, piping connections determined in poor condition, HHB TO modified to provide additional design for alterations to the piping connections.
  2. New floor control gates with Manatee safe intake grates.
  3. New building roof, required to allow access to interior for the installation of new generators.
  4. Diesel hydraulic pump drivers with fueling system, 550 hp.
  5. CO2 fire suppression system.
  6. Three new 60” diameter axial impeller high flow-low head (100,000 gpm) hydraulically driven turbine pumps.

Thompson Engineering was a consultant to HHB Engineers for this project, and provided the Mechanical Specialties design.