Montgomery, AL
ADEM Central Laboratory Mechanical Upgrades

Scope: The 43,000 sf building provides administrative and laboratory spaces for ADEM.

The building includes multiple laboratory rooms fitted with fume hoods, exhaust hoods, backdraft hoods, etc.  Some of the improvements to the building’s mechanical systems included adding airside and waterside heat recovery; converting the hot water reheat system to variable flow; reworking ductwork, air valves, and heating coils for better temperature control in the labs; updating constant volume lab spaces to variable volume so unused hoods could be turned off to reduce chiller load; re-commissioning of the building’s HVAC control system; etc.

Special features include exhaust air-to-ventilation air heat recovery, chiller desuperheater-to-hot water heat recovery, and a precision HVAC system with HEPA filters in one lab that maintains precise temperature and humidity in the space.

Project Cost: $650,000

HHB Engineers, P.C. served as the prime consultant and was responsible for all aspects of improving and upgrading the existing mechanical systems.