Commissioning Projects

Anniston, AL
Building 61 HVAC upgrades and Commissioning

HHB Engineers was contracted to provide full AE services and commissioning to Bates Engineers/Contractors, Inc. for Contract No. W91278-14-D-0039-0003 for this $1.2 million Design/Build project administered by the Mobile District Corps of Engineers.  Project included the refurbishment of 5 air handling units, replacing VAV box controls and upgrades to the Building Automation System.  Due to restricted access to the mechanical rooms,  placement of the air handling units inside the mechanical rooms,  and the limited system down-time allowed,  the 1984 vintage units were not replaced but were refurbished including:

  • Replacement of the interior fiberglass duct lining (existing liner had deteriorated) with flexible cellular insulation;
  • Replacement of motors
  • Replacing the pre-heat coil using the existing coil casing;
  • Replacement cooling coil modules were custom fabricated to allow complete replacement of the cooling coil, stainless steel drain pan and exterior casing.  Due to limited access to two units, the coils were fabricated in a “face split” configuration with two separate and independent coil modules butted together, requiring piping connections on both sides of the air handling unit.
  • Repairs to any casing segments that were rusted or corroded.
  • Removal of inlet vanes and installation of variable speed drive on the supply fans, variable speed drives on the return air fans.

Total Project: $1.2 Million

Completed: 2015