Anniston, AL
COBRATF Lab HVAC Upgrades, Center for Domestic Preparedness

HHB contracted to provide full AE services and commissioning to Bates Engineers/Contractors, Inc. for Contract No. W91278-14-D-0039-0003 for this $300k Design/Build project administered by the Mobile District Corps of Engineers. Project location was the COBRATF lab at the Center for Domestic Preparedness.  Issues in existing lab included lack of pressurization control for current lab and lack of stable face velocity at fume hoods.  Project included the installation of an variable flow direct expansion 100% outside air unit, fume hood face velocity controls on existing fume hoods, lab pressure controls and vestibule to facilitate room pressurization:

  • Packaged direct expansion heat pump with digital scroll compressors and 100 to 50% air flow reduction.
  • Supply air and combined fume hood exhaust flow for room pressurization control
  • Face velocity controllers on two bypass fume hoods.
  • DDC based controls with Web-based access for monitoring by Department of homeland Security
  • Construction of vestibule complete with footings, CMU walls, roof and doors to improve temperature and humidity control and allow for room pressure control by eliminating pressure upsets when exterior door is opened
  • Separate mini-spli heat pump for two adjoining offices (office not directly accessible from lab space).

Cost: $300,000

Completed: 2015