Anniston, AL
Dept of Homeland Security, HVAC Upgrades, Ft. McClellan (Design/Build)

HHB Engineers was the CxA for the Design/Build project – Department of Homeland Security HVAC upgrades, Center for Domestic Preparedness, Ft. McClellan Alabama (Anniston) – completed August 2015. This project was actually two separate projects:  Building 61 HVAC upgrades included replacing control system, replacing motors and adding variable speed drives, replacing air handling unit cooling and heating coils, refurbishing air handling unit casing and dampers; COBRA Training Facility Cold lab HVAC replacement included new 100% outside air make-up air unit, fume hood face velocity controls, lab temperature and humidity controls, and office area ductless mini-split systems. HHB acted as both the Engineer of Record and CxA on this design/build project administered through the Mobile District Corps of Engineers. The building 61 HVAC upgrades were accomplished with the building occupied during normal work hours.  The building contains approximately 20 classrooms used to train first responders for various types of chemical, biological and other forms of domestic terrorism. Commissioning included prefunctional and functional performance testing of the new building control system and air handling unit refurbishments.