University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL
Little Hall Heating Plant Upgrade

HHB Engineers, P.C. served as Prime A/E for design and construction services.  Little Hall is conditioned with a 2-pipe fan coil system.  The heating system was served by a steam to water heat exchanger tied into campus steam.  The project was to convert the building heating system to be served by the campus hot water systems by adding a hot water heat exchanger and removing the steam system.  The dual temperature pumps were also replaced, as well as upgrade of the controls and additional valves added for automatic changeover from heating to cooling.

Project challenges include working in an occupied building, coordination of entire HVAC system shut down for new equipment tie-in over a weekend period, coordination with existing systems during construction (fire alarm, etc), and working within a compressed construction schedule to complete the project before students arrived for the fall semester.

The project was completed in 2015.

Project Cost: $197,500