University of Alabama

Tuscaloosa, AL
New Heating Plants UA Central Core Campus West

HHB Engineers, P.C. served as Prime A/E for design and construction services for the addition of hydronic heat plants for four of the business school buildings – Bruno Library, Alston Hall, Bidgood Hall, and Carmichael Hall.  These buildings were previously served off the C&BA Steam Boiler plant as well as the university campus wide steam system.  The C&BA steam boiler was decommissioned, and each of the four buildings removed from the campus steam system.   Two 2,000 MBH natural gas fired hydronic boilers and associated pumps were added to what was the steam heat exchanger mechanical room on the ground floor of Bruno.  A new central boiler plant was added to the ground level Mechancial room at Bidgood, previously housing the steam system heat exchangers and pumps.  This new plant, with three 3,500 MBH natural gas boilers, boiler pumps, and system pumps serves Bidgood, Alston, and Carmichael hall, with new piping installed to each of the other two buildings.

Project challenges included determining new piping routing between buildings both above and below grade, locating the new boiler plant rooms within the existing buildings, working within continuously occupied buildings (all four), coordination of HVAC system shut down for new equipment tie-in, and working within a compressed construction schedule for many of the activities (underground work) over short periods of time.

Project Cost: $2M