Jefferson Tower, UAB

Birmingham, Alabama
Replace AHU-1 and AHU-2

HHB Engineers served as the Engineer of Record for the replacement of AHU-1 and AHU-2.  AHU-1 serves the 7th floor Surgery suites, while AHU-2 served the 8th floor Surgery Suites.

Project features for the AHU replacements include:

  • Construction of a new penthouse on top of the existing penthouse (a 2nd floor to the penthouse).  New AHU-1 was installed on the 2nd floor.
  • Phase was required for the AHU replacement.  After AHU-1 was installed, the replacement of AHU-2 began. AHU-2 was installed in the location of the old AHU-1 that was replaced.
  • Installation of piping, ductwork, and power was completed prior to the changeover of the existing AHU to the new AHU.
  • Change-over occurred over a weekend to allow maximum 2-hour shutdown of the unit (the unit also served a portion of the Emergency Room).
  • 100% Outside Air system with a new exhaust air fan and run around coil heat recovery was installed.
  • Replacement of supply duct and VAV boxes at the 2nd floor. Work completed by night-shift crews to allow second floor spaces to be used during daytime hours.