Dan Russell Federal Building Gulfport

Gulfport, MS
Replace Underground Hydronic Piping, Gulfport

HHB Engineers served as the Mechanical Engineer of Record for the design and construction phases, and was responsible for all aspects of the design.  The project was completed in 2010.

Scope included the following


  • Abandon in place or remove the existing underground hot and chilled water piping as required.
  • Design new underground hot and chilled water piping system. Connections between new and existing piping shall be made outside of buildings.
  • The buildings remained occupied during construction. No disruption to the operation of the facilities mechanical systems was allowed during normal building operating hours.
  • Employee access to the parking lot and indoor Judge’s parking was maintained. Contractor installed temporary access paths during construction to facilitate the use of as much parking as possible to minimize disruption to the building. Signage and safety barricades are the responsibility of the contractor.
  • New piping was routed around the perimeter of the parking lot, to avoid the existing pipe system.  Building connections were roughed-in and change-over occurred during weekend shut down, one for each building.
  • The new piping and connections were x-ray test by independent agency to allow the piping to be covered prior to final hydrostatic test.
  • The construction contractor  repaired all landscaped areas disturbed during construction, including auto access paths, to existing conditions.


Project Costs:  $900,000