New Auburn College of Engineering Advanced Structural Testing Lab Building

HHB Engineers has been selected as the Mechanical Engineers for the design of the new Advanced Structural Testing Laboratory Building for Auburn University’s College of Engineering.  The building is to be approximately 37,000 SF with a budget of just over $13M.  The building will consist of a high bay lab area, concrete materials testing labs, classrooms, and admin space.  Auburn’s goal for the new building is LEED Silver under LEED v4.   HHB Engineers will provide all mechanical and plumbing related LEED calculations including energy modeling, rain water harvesting system analysis and design, etc.

Chambless King Architects out of Montgomery Alabama is the Prime AE for the project.

HHB has a wide ranging portfolio for higher education facilities around the State of Alabama, including the University of Alabama, UAB, Alabama State, and over a dozen community college campuses.  HHB’s LEED portfolio includes LEED Gold, LEED Silver, and LEED certified buildings.